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Posted on Nov 24, 2014 in ADHD, Allergies, Autism, Autoimmunity, Depression, Detoxification, Diet, Digestive Disorders, Dr. Buckley, Genetically Modified Food, Infections, Medical politics, Newletters, Thyroid Dysfunction, Toxicity, Water | 2 comments

How Monsanto is Destroying the Brains and Health of Everyone.

By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D. Interested in slowing your aging process?  Take note! One of my most recent blog entries(1) summarized roughly 10 years of research related to the consequences of inflammatory processes in the periphery of the body, such as the gut, and how this was driving brain degenerative inflammatory processes within the brain. One of the key findings from that research was how pathogenic bacterial waste products known as “lipopolysaccharides” , (LPS) would trigger an immune response, and this immune response would then trigger the brains immune cells, the microglia, to become overly active and degrade brain cells.  (LPS is basically small parts of the cell wall of the bad bacteria.)  This response is called “microglial activation”.  You’ll be hearing a lot more about it over the next 10 -20 years, because stopping this overactivation is central to correcting all degenerative neurological conditions, including Alzheimers, Autism, Anxiety, ALS, Insomnia, non-situational Depression, MS, and many endocrine system disorders including the unbiquitous adrenal and thyroid disorders that so many...

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Posted on Oct 8, 2014 in Autism, Detoxification, Dr. Buckley, Genetically Modified Food, Infections, Medical politics, Newletters, Parasites, Toxicity, Vitamin D, Water | 0 comments

Ebola: Strategies for Readiness

By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D. A number of people have been asking me for my opinion on the Ebola situation, so if you’re wondering what I think, here it is… First of all, whenever the mainstream media gets all riled up in a frenzy over a particular issue, particularly when it’s disease related, call me a cynic, but I look at the information with a great deal of skepticism.  Why?  Do remember the swine flu “pandemic” of 2009, where millions if not billions of people were going to die, according to the World Health Organization?   What about the West Nile virus that was going to kill everybody in years past? How about SARS?  It’s never ending with these people, and when you realize that vaccines represent big money for vaccine manufacturers, who are exempt from liability for harm in their products (1), you can see why they continually promote the fear in attempt to sell billions of dollars worth of vaccines.   Is there any other product that exists where...

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Posted on Sep 8, 2014 in Detoxification, Water | 0 comments

Third Party Testing Results for Gravity Based Water Filters.

By Mike Adams. (NaturalNews) Because so many Natural News readers have asked about the status of our water filter laboratory testing, I’m posting this update. I’ve completed ICP-MS testing of the heavy metals removal capabilities of several popular gravity water filters including Big Berkey, ProPur, Doulton, Zen Water Systems and others. The results are all over the map. Some of these filters work extremely well to remove heavy metals, and others hardly work at all. You’ll see these results published soon. The ProPur filter has caused a delay because of the company’s new “all in one” water / fluoride filters which I’m expecting to receive as early as tomorrow for final testing. The ProPur filter which was being sold before the arrival of these new filters simply did not perform well at all in terms of heavy metals removal. I had purchased the “ProPur BIG Stainless Steel Water Purification with 2 ProBlack-D Domed Hi-Performance Filter Elements” from Amazon.com, and the unit I received performed very poorly in our laboratory...

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