Office Philosophy

Treat the cause, not the symptom.

Health is not an absence of symptoms; it is equilibrium of systems and energy encompassing mind, body, and spirit. Innately the body strives to heal itself. Just as you don’t have to think to heal a small cut on your hand, your body contains an innate drive to heal all illnesses without exception. The question all must ask then, why does anyone become ill?

Hippocrates, the father of medicine once stated that “All disease begins in the gut.” The gut serves as approximately 70% of the immune system. It plays a significant role in not only in our immune function, but also to our mental/emotional status according to a great deal of scientific research. Because of the broad range of effects from any level of gut dysfunction, it is imperative to remove what may be compromising it’s function if you’re to overcome a chronic illness. Any bloating, constipation, loose stools, or indigestion should be viewed as warning lights to your body that breakdown is occurring.

In a state of health, the body is experiencing net build up otherwise known as anabolism. In illness, the body is experiencing net break down, or catabolism. When viewing a health complaint it’s important to view the symptom in light of the overall picture of health, and what issues may be contributing to the break down of the body. To focus on the symptom as if it is isolated from the rest of the body, is precisely why conventional medicine fails at effectively treating chronic illness.

If you are to obtain radiant health, and extract yourself from the depths of a chronic illness there are fundamentally three aspects of your body that if properly addressed will yield positive outcomes for virtually any illness. Again, restoring gut health is key. Next, optimizing blood sugar stability is the next facet to wellness.  Like digestive imbalances, the effects of blood sugar swings can adversely influence every bodily system, as all systems rely upon steady/stable blood sugar to function properly.  This is done through primarily a paleo like diet (low to no grains/high protein/high fat), in addition to proper mineral balance (magnesium, chromium, vanadium, zinc).

The other side of this triad of biochemical health is made up of adrenal/thyroid function. These two glands serve to help maintain steady energy levels within our bodies, and they are intimately connected in how they manage our energy. Stress, whether it be mental,emotional, infections, pain, etc all affect these glands and therefore will affect overall health. Proper diet, exercise, nutritional status, and stress management are necessary to have them function properly. By properly balancing these aspects of the biochemical triad of health simultaneously, a path towards wellness can be found. Neglecting any one of these will certainly perpetuate the misery of chronic illness.