Third Party Testing Results for Gravity Based Water Filters.

(NaturalNews) Because so many Natural News readers have asked about the status of our water filter laboratory testing, I’m posting this update.

I’ve completed ICP-MS testing of the heavy metals removal capabilities of several popular gravity water filters including Big Berkey, ProPur, Doulton, Zen Water Systems and others. The results are all over the map. Some of these filters work extremely well to remove heavy metals, and others hardly work at all. You’ll see these results published soon.

The ProPur filter has caused a delay because of the company’s new “all in one” water / fluoride filters which I’m expecting to receive as early as tomorrow for final testing. The ProPur filter which was being sold before the arrival of these new filters simply did not perform well at all in terms of heavy metals removal. I had purchased the “ProPur BIG Stainless Steel Water Purification with 2 ProBlack-D Domed Hi-Performance Filter Elements” from, and the unit I received performed very poorly in our laboratory testing.

However, the company’s new “all in one” filters that claim to remove fluoride are about to be tested separately. I anticipate these will perform far better because every gravity filter I’ve tested with a fluoride removal element has also been very good at removing heavy metals.

The Big Berkey’s fluoride removal filters, for example, were very good at removing heavy metals. Fluoride filters often use ion-exchange technology which tends to be very effective at capturing all sorts of toxic elements beyond mere fluoride.

The reason I’ve delayed the publishing of the results until I get the ProPur fluoride filters tested is because I didn’t think it would be fair to compare Big Berkey’s fluoride filters to a ProPur unit that was not equipped with fluoride filters. Apples and oranges, as they say.

My upcoming results will show you exactly what percentage of each element is removed by each filter, and I even test for removal of elements that have radioactive isotopes, such as strontium, cesium and uranium. Nobody else anywhere in the world is conducting such detailed laboratory tests on water filter performance, so Natural News is the exclusive source where you can find this information.

Click here to see our laboratory test results on countertop gravity water filters such as ZeroWater, Brita, Pur, Culligan and more.

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