Energetic Medicine

Why Energetic Medicine?

A sufficiently advanced technology will be indistinguishable from magic.” –Arthaiur C. Clark

Note -Most chronic health problems will resolve with proper nutrition, bodywork, and detoxification strategies. It’s been my experience that energetic healing doesn’t replace any of those foundational approaches to health, rather it augments them, and can dramatically accelerate the healing process.

The foundational level of all matter is energy, and while the body (a form of matter) appears to be solid, the reality is that the base level of all your cells, tissues, body chemicals, and organs are all atoms.   It is well established within science that atoms at their base level are nothing but waves of energy.   There is a famous experiment called the “Double Slit Experiment” which demonstrated that the observer of the experiment would actually influence the outcome of the experiment indicating that at some level the observer and that which is being observed are actually connected.  In other words, this interconnectedness is evidence of the age old spiritual concept of oneness.  A good explanation of this can be seen in this video.   Two other well established properties providing evidence to the interconnection of all that is, as seen through repeated scientific experiments are “nonlocality” and “quantum entanglement“. The energetic kinesiology technique NMT relies solely on the principles of entanglement and nonlocality in it’s application. In 2009, a small pilot study demonstrated the efficacy of using NMT to treat dental cavitations exceeded the success rate of surgery. These concepts definitely have relevance to healing.

If the base level of all matter, including your body, is energy, it stands to reason that there are applications to influence matter at the energetic level to heal.  Just as there is a hierarchy in science, where physics trumps chemistry, and chemistry trumps biology there is a hierarchy to the makeup of your mind-body.   Just as you can take a drug such as an antibiotic for an acute skin infection, which would be an example of chemistry (drug) affecting biology (skin), it’s reasonable to believe that one could possibly use energy (magnets, laser, acupuncture) to influence chemistry which in turn influences biology and how you feel.

There’s a great deal of evidence (1) (2) (3)(4)to show that the body does in fact have meridians, which are channels for subtle energy, coursing throughout the body.  Much of medicine has ignored this data, just as they have ignored the fact that all matter is energy in most of their treatment protocols .   It stands to reason that if all matter is energy, including your body, then at least some health complaints have their roots in the energetic properties of the body and therefore the solution resting in the energetic realm as well.   

It’s worth noting that Applied Kinesiology provides a very logical explanation for the interconnection between the energetic dynamics of the subtle energetics of the body with the structural components of the body, and how influencing acupuncture meridians can have lasting effects on structural problems.  

 Once again, energetic medicine techniques should be thought of as tools.  They are not replacements for good lifestyle habits, diet, proper exercise, or nutrition.  While such techniques do not replace conventional diagnostics, they can augment the practitioner to help gain a better understanding to the full dynamics of health complaints, and also allow for nontoxic, harmless applications to restore health. 

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