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Posted on Dec 7, 2015 in ADHD, Allergies, Autism, Autoimmunity, Back/Neck/Joint Pain, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Depression, Detoxification, Diet, Digestive Disorders, Dr. Buckley, Genetically Modified Food, Infections, Medical politics, Pediatrics, Thyroid Dysfunction, Toxicity, Vaccines, Vitamin D | 2 comments

Inflammatory Disease Epidemic: The Convergence Point of EMF, GMOs, and Vaccines.

  By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D, CTTH The US spends more per capita on healthcare than any other nation on the planet(R), at over $1 Trillion/year with costs growing.   Over 3/4 of those costs are related to the treatment of chronic disease, such as autoimmune disorders, cancer, diabetes, alzheimers, autism, cadiovascular disease, etc.(R)  The rates of all such diseases are growing, not decreasing, so obviously the true causes of these problems aren’t being addressed.   If you were to try and describe virtually all forms of degenerative disease with just one word, that word would be “inflammation”. (R)  The research is very clear about this fact.  When examining the prime factors behind the surge in inflammatory issues there are principally 3 things that stand out as different about today versus 25 years ago.  Those 3 things are the widespread consumption of RoundUp laden genetically modified food and wheat (R)(R), wireless technology (R), and a surge in the number of vaccines given relative to years past (R).   The biological effects of...

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Posted on Dec 7, 2015 in Autoimmunity, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Detoxification | 0 comments

Does Long Term Melatonin Supplementation Suppress Your Own Production?

Prolonged-release melatonin for insomnia – an open-label long-term study of efficacy, safety, and withdrawal The Clinique Lyon-Lumière, Meyzieu, France. Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management (Impact Factor: 1.47). 07/2011; 7:301-11. DOI: 10.2147/TCRM.S23036 Source: PubMed ABSTRACT Prolonged-release melatonin (PRM) 2 mg is indicated for insomnia in patients aged 55 years and older. A recent double-blind placebo-controlled study demonstrated 6-month efficacy and safety of PRM in insomnia patients aged 18-80 and lack of withdrawal and rebound symptoms upon discontinuation. To investigate the efficacy, safety, and withdrawal phenomena associated with 6-12 months PRM treatment. Data from a prospective 6-12-month open-label study of 244 community dwelling adults with primary insomnia, who had participated in a placebo-controlled, double-blind dose-ranging trial of PRM. Patients received PRM nightly, followed by a 2-week withdrawal period. Main outcome measures were patient-reported sleep quality ratings (diary), adverse events, vital signs, and laboratory tests recorded at each visit, and withdrawal symptoms (CHESS-84 [Check-list Evaluation of Somatic Symptoms]). Nocturnal urinary 6-sulfatoxymelatonin excretion, a measure of the endogenous melatonin production, was assessed upon discontinuing...

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Posted on Dec 4, 2015 in ADHD, Allergies, Autism, Autoimmunity, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Depression, Detoxification, Genetically Modified Food, Infections, Medical politics, Pediatrics, Toxicity, Vaccines | 0 comments

VERY IMPORTANT! Yet another research scientist comes forward describing the links between vaccines and chronic illness, including autism.

Around August 2014, information came out revealing that a whistleblower had proof that the CDC was actively cooking data to conceal the link between the MMR vaccine and autism.  This ongoing story continues to be one of the most censored and important health stories today.  I originally reported on this subject here. Now, we have another whistleblower on the scene. Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD is a Biochemist, cellular and molecular biologist with over 30 years of scientific expertise. She has directed programs on HIV, cancer, epigenetics, and neuroimmune disease, with a focus on development of novel drug and diagnostic technologies. Dr. Mikovits holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from George Washington University. Her dissertation was on HIV latency and mechanisms of immune activation in monocytes. Dr. Mikovits was a Postdoctoral Scholar in Molecular Virology at the Laboratory of Genomic Diversity, National Cancer Institute under Dr. David Derse. Over the past 26 years, she has published 51 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, and worked as a government scientist...

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Posted on Jun 1, 2015 in Allergies, Autism, Autoimmunity, Back/Neck/Joint Pain, Blood sugar, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Detoxification, Dr. Buckley, Genetically Modified Food, Infections, Newletters, Parasites, Toxicity | 2 comments

Rope Worm: Are Millions of People Suffering from a Parasitic Infection Unrecognized by the World of Parasitology?

By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D.,CTTH Caution:  Do not read this while eating a meal.  Doing so may be hazardous to your digestion.  In previous posts, I have discussed the problem of parasites.  The key points I have raised relate to the overall imprecision of standardized parasitic testing, where research suggests that under the best of conditions seasoned parasitologists could only accurately identify relatively common parasitic infections about 60% of the time.(R)   This “high” rate of accuracy was only obtained following the rarely used “gold standard” of triple stool collection analysis.  Most hospitals and clinics reportedly utilize single stool collection sampling, or a swab test, which is estimated to be far less accurate than the triple stool collection. Such poor analysis does not even take into account parasites such as strongyloides stercoralis, trichinella spiralis, or other parasites which spend very little time within the lower digestive systems of those they infect, thus further decreasing the probability of finding them with a stool test.(R)(R) Even with this relatively poor rate...

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Posted on May 3, 2015 in ADHD, Allergies, Autism, Autoimmunity, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Depression, Detoxification, Digestive Disorders, Dr. Buckley, Newletters, Toxicity, Vaccines | 0 comments

Chickens Dying From Bird Flu- Is A Virus or Monsanto to Blame?

By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D.,CTTH On May 1st, 2015 Iowa Governor declared a state of emergency after a number of chicken farms were experiencing an outbreak of bird flu, which led to the culling of millions of chickens as a precautionary measure to curb the outbreak.  Naturally, the mainstream media is hyping a possibility of the bird flu virus jumping over and leading to a pandemic for the human population.    Predictably, the same mainstream media is also crying out for the need of a “vaccine” to protect the birds.  There’s a very important message here that everybody needs to understand. Noticeably absent from the reporting on the bird flu chicken farm outbreak is a characterization of the farming practices for the conventionally raised chickens, or a report of an outbreak on an organic farm.  The outbreak is clearly occurring on factory farms, where the chickens live in close quarters and are fed non-organic feed that undoubtedly has Monsanto’s RoundUp residue within it (1).  In case you didn’t know, the...

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Posted on Apr 11, 2015 in Detoxification, Diet, Dr. Buckley, Newletters | 0 comments

You’re Invited To: Heal Your Body, Heal Your Mind

Do You Or Does Somebody You Know Suffer From Chronic Illness? The plague of the 21st century is here right now.  It has many different names, some of which you’ve surely heard of.  These names include:  Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Lupus, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Autism, Hashimoto’s, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme Disease, etc.  While the names may be different, there are common threads that unite them all.  Understanding this information before the diagnosis is given is the action of the wise individual.  The pitfalls in today’s world are many, and believe it or not, the physiology which drives all of the conditions above is pretty well understood at this point.  With this understanding we can prevent and even reverse some of these conditions.  I’ve done it personally by overcoming chronic fatigue and lyme disease, and this knowledge has helped me help others to do the same.  One such individual is now so inspired by her own transformation that she’s putting together a day long seminar to help educate you on some of...

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Posted on Mar 25, 2015 in ADHD, Allergies, Autism, Autoimmunity, Blood sugar, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Depression, Detoxification, Digestive Disorders, Dr. Buckley, Genetically Modified Food, Infections, Medical politics, Newletters, Thyroid Dysfunction, Toxicity, Vaccines | 1 comment

Melatonin: Why Supplementation May Be Essential In A Monsanto and Wireless World

By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D. In my previous posts (1)(2)(3) related to the inflammatory condition known as “microglial activation” I mentioned that the microglia have been found to exist primarily in two different states, “surveillance state” and “activation state”.  The beneficial “surveillance mode” is where the microglia clean up debris in the nervous system, fight infections, and build neural connections.  The harmful mode is where the microglia shift into an “activation” state and secrete toxic substances which break down the nervous system.  Minimizing this shift into the activation mode appears to be central to preventing all forms of neurodegenerative conditions, including ALS, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, non-situational depression, etc.  It is recommended that you read my other posts on microglial activation and its relation to chronic infections, diet, and vaccines to gain a true appreciation for its significance to overall health. Research indicates that the shift from the surveillance mode into the “activation state” is dependent on the level of “glutathione” (4), which is an antioxidant that our body produces by...

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Posted on Feb 11, 2015 in Autism, Autoimmunity, Cannabinoids, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Depression, Detoxification, Digestive Disorders, Dr. Buckley, Medical politics, Pediatrics, Toxicity, Vaccines | 0 comments

Measles Hysteria: How the Government Seeks Ownership of Your Children

By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D. “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.” -Benjamin Rush, MD, Founding Father of America At the time of this writing there have been 100 cases of measles reported by the CDC, affecting primarily the VACCINATED population.  As of January 24th, 2015 it was reported that 52 out of 80 measles outbreak cases had been vaccinated with the measles vaccine.  While there is clear evidence that some of the measles virus infections are from the vaccine itself, there is still no word yet from “officialdom” on the full extent of vaccine transmitted measles virus infections from this outbreak.  In a more sane world, one would expect that a careful analysis of what strain of measles virus is...

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Posted on Feb 9, 2015 in ADHD, Allergies, Autism, Autoimmunity, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Depression, Detoxification, Diet, Digestive Disorders, Dr. Buckley, Genetically Modified Food, Infections, Medical politics, Newletters, Pediatrics, Thyroid Dysfunction, Toxicity, Vaccines | 10 comments

Synergistic Destruction: How Vaccines and GMOs Converge to Fuel Autism and Neurodegenerative Conditions

By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D. There is a lot of debate as to what is the cause, or better yet, causes of autism.  This post isn’t intended to cover all of the variables which fuel autism.  It is intended to provide the reader with an understanding of chief mechanisms related to how consumption of Monsanto’s RoundUp, by way of consuming genetically modified corn, soy, canola oil, sugar beets, or any other “RoundUp ready” crop, as well as vaccines may fuel microglial activation, a leading factor in all neurodegenerative conditions, including autism (1)(2)(3), Alzheimer’s(4)(5), ALS(6)(7), Parkinson’s(8)(9), non-situational depression(10)(11), and virtually all forms of chronic illness.  While this post is more directed towards the discussion of autism, the reality is that all of the factors that I discuss below are unquestionably major factors of consideration in all neurodegenerative conditions.  What is microglial activation? In short, the microglia are the  resident immune cells within the central nervous system.  They are known to exist in two different states, and while in the “surveillance...

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Posted on Jan 8, 2015 in Autism, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Detoxification, Dr. Buckley, Genetically Modified Food, Infections, Newletters, Parasites, Thyroid Dysfunction, Toxicity | 0 comments

Monsanto: Explaining the Autism/Parasite Connection

By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D. If you were to do research into alternative therapies that appear to be providing clear results to the autistic community, you’d be hard pressed to find anything as impressive as the results that people are finding in using a protocol that Kerri Rivera has put together.  Kerri Rivera is the author of “Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism”, and the mother of an autistic son.  A core component to her protocol, which has reportedly documented over 160 outright cures of autism in the last 3 years, is an extensive protocol for dealing with parasites.   I encourage anybody interested in autism to read her book and take note of the results she has documented. In a previous blog post, I discussed the problem that parasites represent to those of us dealing with the conventional health model.  When you realize that the established gold standard triple stool sample test for parasitic diagnostics fails to identify parasites better than 60% of the time, even when the parasites...

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Posted on Nov 24, 2014 in ADHD, Allergies, Autism, Autoimmunity, Depression, Detoxification, Diet, Digestive Disorders, Dr. Buckley, Genetically Modified Food, Infections, Medical politics, Newletters, Thyroid Dysfunction, Toxicity, Water | 2 comments

How Monsanto is Destroying the Brains and Health of Everyone.

By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D. Interested in slowing your aging process?  Take note! One of my most recent blog entries(1) summarized roughly 10 years of research related to the consequences of inflammatory processes in the periphery of the body, such as the gut, and how this was driving brain degenerative inflammatory processes within the brain. One of the key findings from that research was how pathogenic bacterial waste products known as “lipopolysaccharides” , (LPS) would trigger an immune response, and this immune response would then trigger the brains immune cells, the microglia, to become overly active and degrade brain cells.  (LPS is basically small parts of the cell wall of the bad bacteria.)  This response is called “microglial activation”.  You’ll be hearing a lot more about it over the next 10 -20 years, because stopping this overactivation is central to correcting all degenerative neurological conditions, including Alzheimers, Autism, Anxiety, ALS, Insomnia, non-situational Depression, MS, and many endocrine system disorders including the unbiquitous adrenal and thyroid disorders that so many...

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Posted on Nov 16, 2014 in ADHD, Allergies, Autism, Autoimmunity, Detoxification, Dr. Buckley, Infections, Medical politics, Pediatrics, Toxicity, Vaccines | 1 comment

Study Shows Vaccines Increase the Rate of Death in Infancy

By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D.   The prime argument that proponents of vaccination use it that mass vaccination prevents disease, and those who oppose vaccination are often portrayed as “unscientific” and, even worse, “unfit” to be parents by the mainstream media.  Despite the many requests over the years for the CDC to perform a large scale study comparing the health status of the non-vaccinated against the vaccinated, the CDC has refused to do so.  My personal belief is that they won’t do it, because they know what the results would be, and that is, the unvaccinated would be shown to have far less chronic illness than the vaccinated.   Smaller studies (1), which are conveniently ignored by the mainstream media, support the notion that the unvaccinated population is a healthier population.  Full exposure of this information, which would come from a large scale CDC study,  would have a crushing blow on the vaccination industry.   It would be a landmark study which helped shape the entire health care field, there’s...

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Posted on Nov 6, 2014 in Allergies, Autism, Autoimmunity, Back/Neck/Joint Pain, Cancer, Cannabinoids, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Depression, Detoxification, Diet, Digestive Disorders, Dr. Buckley, Genetically Modified Food, Infections, Medical politics, Newletters, Parasites, Thyroid Dysfunction, Toxicity | 0 comments

How low grade infections fuel brain degeneration,depression, alzheimers, and more.

By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D. If you’ve worked with me before, you know that I emphasize the need for good gut health if somebody is ever to truly be well.  Chronic low grade infections which exist in all forms of chronic illness, particularly when it comes to the gut, are commonly overlooked or under-diagnosed in the general population.  One of the primary reasons for this is the poor sensitivity that exists for identifying gut infections, in particular parasitic infections.  As I have detailed before (1), false negatives for parasites occur at least 40% of the time when the current “gold standard” testing for gut and parasitic infections are used.  That means about half the people who have obvious symptoms of parasitic infections, never get the appropriate diagnosis and treatment and are therefore ultimately directed down the broken and deadly conveyer belt of the current medical model.  They ultimately end up sicker than when they started, as their bodies become increasingly damaged by the parasites and the toxic medications which...

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Posted on Oct 8, 2014 in Autism, Detoxification, Dr. Buckley, Genetically Modified Food, Infections, Medical politics, Newletters, Parasites, Toxicity, Vitamin D, Water | 0 comments

Ebola: Strategies for Readiness

By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D. A number of people have been asking me for my opinion on the Ebola situation, so if you’re wondering what I think, here it is… First of all, whenever the mainstream media gets all riled up in a frenzy over a particular issue, particularly when it’s disease related, call me a cynic, but I look at the information with a great deal of skepticism.  Why?  Do remember the swine flu “pandemic” of 2009, where millions if not billions of people were going to die, according to the World Health Organization?   What about the West Nile virus that was going to kill everybody in years past? How about SARS?  It’s never ending with these people, and when you realize that vaccines represent big money for vaccine manufacturers, who are exempt from liability for harm in their products (1), you can see why they continually promote the fear in attempt to sell billions of dollars worth of vaccines.   Is there any other product that exists where...

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Posted on Sep 9, 2014 in Cancer, Cannabinoids, Detoxification, Dr. Buckley, Toxicity | 0 comments

Is Marijuana a Legitimate Cure for Cancer?

  By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D.   The following is a review of a number of medical studies on the effects and influence of cannabinoids as it relates to cancer, published May 19th, 2014 in the scientific journal “Oncotarget”.  From this review alone, and not taking into account the 1000’s of “anecdotal” reports of cancer being cured through the use of cannabis oil you should gain an appreciation of the legitimacy of its use for something as serious as cancer.  It’s a highly unfortunate fact that we as health care providers are just now learning about the actions and importance of what is called the “endocannabinoid” system, its relation to compounds within marijuana, and how this system is critical for the proper function of virtually every other system in the body, and perhaps most importantly, the immune system.  Had we known and understood the importance of this system, many lives would have been saved, and many more would have exited the confines of chronic illness. The conclusion and review...

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Third Party Testing Results for Gravity Based Water Filters.

By Mike Adams. (NaturalNews) Because so many Natural News readers have asked about the status of our water filter laboratory testing, I’m posting this update. I’ve completed ICP-MS testing of the heavy metals removal capabilities of several popular gravity water filters including Big Berkey, ProPur, Doulton, Zen Water Systems and others. The results are all over the map. Some of these filters work extremely well to remove heavy metals, and others hardly work at all. You’ll see these results published soon. The ProPur filter has caused a delay because of the company’s new “all in one” water / fluoride filters which I’m expecting to receive as early as tomorrow for final testing. The ProPur filter which was being sold before the arrival of these new filters simply did not perform well at all in terms of heavy metals removal. I had purchased the “ProPur BIG Stainless Steel Water Purification with 2 ProBlack-D Domed Hi-Performance Filter Elements” from Amazon.com, and the unit I received performed very poorly in our laboratory...

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