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Posted on Feb 11, 2015 in Autism, Autoimmunity, Cannabinoids, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Depression, Detoxification, Digestive Disorders, Dr. Buckley, Medical politics, Pediatrics, Toxicity, Vaccines | 0 comments

Measles Hysteria: How the Government Seeks Ownership of Your Children

By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D. “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.” -Benjamin Rush, MD, Founding Father of America At the time of this writing there have been 100 cases of measles reported by the CDC, affecting primarily the VACCINATED population.  As of January 24th, 2015 it was reported that 52 out of 80 measles outbreak cases had been vaccinated with the measles vaccine.  While there is clear evidence that some of the measles virus infections are from the vaccine itself, there is still no word yet from “officialdom” on the full extent of vaccine transmitted measles virus infections from this outbreak.  In a more sane world, one would expect that a careful analysis of what strain of measles virus is...

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Posted on Nov 6, 2014 in Allergies, Autism, Autoimmunity, Back/Neck/Joint Pain, Cancer, Cannabinoids, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Depression, Detoxification, Diet, Digestive Disorders, Dr. Buckley, Genetically Modified Food, Infections, Medical politics, Newletters, Parasites, Thyroid Dysfunction, Toxicity | 0 comments

How low grade infections fuel brain degeneration,depression, alzheimers, and more.

By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D. If you’ve worked with me before, you know that I emphasize the need for good gut health if somebody is ever to truly be well.  Chronic low grade infections which exist in all forms of chronic illness, particularly when it comes to the gut, are commonly overlooked or under-diagnosed in the general population.  One of the primary reasons for this is the poor sensitivity that exists for identifying gut infections, in particular parasitic infections.  As I have detailed before (1), false negatives for parasites occur at least 40% of the time when the current “gold standard” testing for gut and parasitic infections are used.  That means about half the people who have obvious symptoms of parasitic infections, never get the appropriate diagnosis and treatment and are therefore ultimately directed down the broken and deadly conveyer belt of the current medical model.  They ultimately end up sicker than when they started, as their bodies become increasingly damaged by the parasites and the toxic medications which...

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Posted on Sep 9, 2014 in Cancer, Cannabinoids, Detoxification, Dr. Buckley, Toxicity | 0 comments

Is Marijuana a Legitimate Cure for Cancer?

  By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D.   The following is a review of a number of medical studies on the effects and influence of cannabinoids as it relates to cancer, published May 19th, 2014 in the scientific journal “Oncotarget”.  From this review alone, and not taking into account the 1000’s of “anecdotal” reports of cancer being cured through the use of cannabis oil you should gain an appreciation of the legitimacy of its use for something as serious as cancer.  It’s a highly unfortunate fact that we as health care providers are just now learning about the actions and importance of what is called the “endocannabinoid” system, its relation to compounds within marijuana, and how this system is critical for the proper function of virtually every other system in the body, and perhaps most importantly, the immune system.  Had we known and understood the importance of this system, many lives would have been saved, and many more would have exited the confines of chronic illness. The conclusion and review...

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Posted on Aug 26, 2014 in Allergies, Autism, Back/Neck/Joint Pain, Blood sugar, Cancer, Cannabinoids, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Diet, Digestive Disorders, Dr. Buckley, Infections, Medical politics, Newletters, Toxicity, Vitamin D | 2 comments

Cannabinoids: The other vitamin “C”?

By:  Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D. Throughout the nation, one of the hottest social and political discussions right now is whether or not we should legalize marijuana.  I believe that when examining what is known about the utility and the importance of the marijuana plant, specifically as it relates to health, it becomes clear what a grave mistake it is to deprive ourselves of this truly nutrient rich plant.   I believe that its cannabinoid compounds meet the definition of “vitamins”, not just any vitamin, but a vitamin that may be necessary for controlling our bodies ability to eliminate cancerous cells, in addition to supporting numerous bodily functions.(1) It’s worth pointing out that this post is not about marijuana or hemp’s numerous other uses as a food, fuel, or fiber. What is a vitamin? A vitamin is defined as ” any of a group of organic compounds that are essential for normal growth and nutrition and are required in small quantities in the diet because they cannot be synthesized by the...

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