Study Shows Vaccines Increase the Rate of Death in Infancy

The prime argument that proponents of vaccination use it that mass vaccination prevents disease, and those who oppose vaccination are often portrayed as “unscientific” and, even worse, “unfit” to be parents by the mainstream media.  Despite the many requests over the years for the CDC to perform a large scale study comparing the health status of the non-vaccinated against the vaccinated, the CDC has refused to do so.  My personal belief is that they won’t do it, because they know what the results would be, and that is, the unvaccinated would be shown to have far less chronic illness than the vaccinated.   Smaller studies (1), which are conveniently ignored by the mainstream media, support the notion that the unvaccinated population is a healthier population.  Full exposure of this information, which would come from a large scale CDC study,  would have a crushing blow on the vaccination industry.   It would be a landmark study which helped shape the entire health care field, there’s no doubt about it.

Since we don’t have that landmark study we’re left to examine other studies which help shed light on the pro’s and con’s of vaccination.  In 2011, the Journal of Human & Experimental Toxicology published a study which showed that the nations with the highest vaccination rates had the highest infant mortality rates.  In other words, the more vaccines given in the population the more likely a child was to die an early death.  The authors stated,

“These findings demonstrate a counter-intuitive relationship: nations that require more vaccine doses tend to have higher infant mortality rates.”

You can read the entire study here.

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