Magnets shown to potentiate antibiotic efficacy by 80%, study says.

One of my preferred healing tools that I utilize in my office is biomagnetism,which involves strategic placement of both north and south poles on key areas of the body in an effort to support the body’s innate function and response to infections.  Clinically speaking, the results can often times be dramatic, and while this study suggests an effect on bacteria, my personal experience is that when using magnets in the biomagnetic pair manner, the effects on viruses appears to be even more dramatic.

ASAIO J. 1994 Jul-Sep;40(3):M371-6.

Magnetic field enhancement of antibiotic activity in biofilm forming Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Benson DEGrissom CBBurns GLMohammad SF.

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Device related infection initiated by biofilm bacteria are often difficult to resolve with antimicrobial therapy. Study results indicate that application of static magnetic fields may enhance the activity of gentamicin against biofilm forming Pseudomonas aeruginosa adherent to a polymer substrate. Results indicate a maximal reduction of 86.5 +/- 7.2% (n = 6) in the number of adherent viable bacteria compared with a control for samples exposed to a 5 gauss (G) magnetic field and gentamicin. The effect appears to be limited to magnetic fields between 5 and 20 G. Experiments using glass, Chronoflex (Polymedica, Golden, CO), Biomer (Ethicon, Somerville, NJ), and polystyrene substrate showed that the effect was independent of substrate surface. Autoradiograms from In111 uptake experiments showed that bacteria colonizing the substrate surface were significantly reduced in samples subjected to a magnetic field and gentamicin.

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