Vaccines and Pregnancy: The Criminal Conspiracy to Create Autism

By: Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D, CTTH

The CDC has been given an annual budget of over $11 billion dollars to spend (R), which is provided under the auspices of protecting the American public from various health care threats, but are they really doing that? There’s plenty of incriminating data available to prove that they’re doing just the opposite of that.

Consider the following facts:

1) Executives within the CDC, including Dr. Frank DeStefano, are alleged to have cooked research data in order to conceal a link between the MMR vaccine and autism in black children, according to Dr. William Thompson, who has been given whistleblower protection status for bringing this fact to light. The study in question was published in 2004 in the Journal of Pediatrics, and has not been retracted despite the admission by Dr. Thompson that the paper is fraudulent. This is highly important since many pro-vaccination pediatricians will point to this study as “proof” that the MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism, and is therefore “safe and effective”. Journalist Ben Swann has put together an excellent micro-documentary covering this sensational story that is being ignored by the mainstream media.

Truth in Media: CDC, Vaccines and Autism from Ben Swann on Vimeo.

2) Dr. DeStefano strikes again. In 2009, Dr. Frank DeStefano, was serving as the “Immunization Safety Officer” for the CDC, when the “Price C., Robertson A., Goodson B. (2009) Thimerosal and Autism Technical Report.” was published. This report revealed that the flu vaccine given during pregnancy led to an 8x greater risk of developing autism than those who didn’t receive the flu vaccine. This data was however considered “insignificant”, and was left out of the abstract but is found within the body of the paper. (R)

3) Virtually all degenerative disease, autism included, can be characterized as persistent inflammation with biomarkers of elevations in pro-inflammatory immune signaling molecules called cytokines. Research has established a very clear link between an increase in these pro-inflammatory cytokines during pregnancy and autism, aka “Maternal Immune Activation”. (R) (R) (R)Persistent inflammation is most commonly expressed as an elevation in the following cytokines: Interferon gamma (IFN-y), Interluekin 1b (IL-1b), Interluekin 6(IL-6), and Interluekin 17 (IL-17). Interleukin 17 is perhaps the most significant, and has established itself as the most important cytokine for perpetuating autoimmune conditions. This is certainly no secret to any competent immunologist within the CDC. (R) (R)

It’s worth noting that the injectable form of the flu vaccine is an inducer of IL -6 (R), and IL-6 has been shown to do couple deleterious things to our immune system. One, it leads to a persistence in viral infections!(R) Two, it also promotes the creation of IL-17 (R) (R). This revelation has very serious implications for anybody interested in protecting their brain and body, since this combination will promote an inflamed brain, aka microglial activation.

4) Research data on the biochemical mechanisms of immune response to vaccines suggests that virtually ALL vaccines work by inducing IL-17. This too is no secret to the CDC. The authors from the following study acknowledge the real dangers associated with vaccines inducing IL-17, but it seems a minor afterthought to them. This paper from 2010 is about the “modernization” of vaccines, and it clearly illustrates the overall dangerous imprecision that is vaccine science and application. (R) Here’s a quote from that paper:

IL-17 is a key player in the inflammation and tissue destruction associated with autoimmune disease models such as Experimental autoimmune encephalitis (EAE)[52] and collagen-induced arthritis[77]. Most autoimmune models deliver antigens in adjuvants such as Complete Freund’s Adjuvant (CFA) [52]or pertussis toxin [39] to induce the inflammatory disease phenotype. Although CFA was initially thought to drive potent Th1 responses, it is now clear that CFA can drive differentiation of naïve T cells into Th17 pathway[52]. Further pertussis toxin can also induce pathogenic Th17 inflammatory responses in the setting of vaccination[39]. These studies highlight the need for detailed characterization of adjuvants prior to inclusion into vaccine strategies since the delicate balance of IL-17 in vaccine induced immunity may define tissue destruction or immune protection.

5) Research shows autism to be an inflammatory condition, with elevations of pro-inflammatory cytokines being found in the blood of the autistic population. There are now NUMEROUS studies verifying this evidence(R)(R)(R)(R), and one of the most notable, when considering the fact that many, if not all, vaccines work by activating the production of IL-17 is from the following study published in the Journal of Neuroinflammation in 2012.(R)

Serum IL-17A levels were raised in the group with autism, and the levels correlated significantly with the severity of autism. This is the first study to measure levels of IL-17A in relation to the severity of autism, to our knowledge. Further research, with a larger subject population, is warranted to determine whether the increase of serum IL-17A levels plasma has a pathogenic role in autism, and whether anti- IL-17A therapy could be useful

So the authors of that study wonder if “anti-IL 17A therapy could be useful?” Here’s a clue for them, how about avoiding those immune skewing vaccines which promote IL 17 production in the first place?

More recently, a 2016 study involving mice further supports the damaging link between IL 17A production in mothers and the production of autism in their offspring.(R)

We find that Maternal Immune Activation induces an abnormal cortical phenotype, which is also dependent on maternal IL-17a, in the fetal brain. Our data suggest that therapeutic targeting of TH17 cells in susceptible pregnant mothers may reduce the likelihood of bearing children with inflammation-induced autistic spectrum-like phenotypes.

Microencephaly caused by vaccines, and not Zika?

Have you heard about Zika virus causing microencephaly (shrunken heads)? I suspect you have. There’s a race to create a vaccine for it, and vaccines sell a lot better when the general public is scared of viruses when there is a vaccine available. Would you be surprised to learn that before the increased reporting of microencephaly in Brazil, that the Brazilian government mandated the DTaP vaccine for pregnant women? They did. (R) Would you be surprised to learn that the DTaP vaccine increases IL 17 production? It does.(R) Would you be surprised to learn that the US government knew that the DTaP vaccine increases the risk of microencephaly in 1991? You shouldn’t be, because they did.(R)

But, aren’t vaccines proven to be effective in preventing infection before they’re approved for use?

No, in order for a vaccine to be approved, the vaccines must be able to demonstrate the production of antibodies. No proof of disease prevention is required for approval. It’s assumed that the production of antibodies equates to a protection against the pathogen that the vaccine was created for. This, however, is not an entirely accurate assumption.

What “effective” vaccines do is activate the immune system, and this activation is highly dangerous for many people, especially pregnant women, and those with a tendency towards over producing the pro-inflammatory cytokines. Those with a deficiency of melatonin and toxic guts are going to be at much higher risks as I detailed in a previous post.

But, what about polio and small pox? Wouldn’t we all be paralyzed from polio, if we survived small pox if it weren’t for vaccines?
Making diseases disappear isn’t difficult if you get to control the definition of what constitutes a disease and how the epidemiological data is tabulated. The scam of making diseases disappear following vaccination campaigns is glaring when you look at the recent news about India being declared polio free following a “successful” vaccination program.

It’s worth nothing that polio and Acute Flaccid Paralysis are clinically identical. You might find it odd that following the “successful” polio vaccination campaign that cases of acute flaccid paralysis have skyrocketed in India.

Dr. Susanne Humphries has done an excellent job exposing the details of the polio scam.

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has also done excellent work in exposing the small pox vaccine scam as well.

What’s really happening?

So, are we to believe that the CDC is filled with a bunch of bumbling fools that don’t really know what they’re doing, or is there something more sinister going on here?

If the CDC had clear evidence in 2004 that there was a link between autism and the MMR vaccine, but cooked the data to conceal that link, what does that tell you about the integrity of the CDC?

If the CDC had clear evidence in 2009 that giving the flu vaccine to pregnant women increased the risk of autism by 8x the general population, but chose to bury that data within their study, what does that tell you about the integrity of the CDC in watching out for your health?

If the CDC knows all of this, and subsequent research since 2009 reveals that a mother experiencing an excited immune system, aka “maternal immune activation”, has a much greater probability of having an offspring with autism, schizophrenia, and other neuro-immuno health challenges such as microencephaly, how can it reasonably be argued that the CDC is looking out for our health when they continue to recommend mercury laden flu vaccines to pregnant women? The amount of mercury in those shots is 100 times higher than what the EPA has stated as “safe” for pregnant women to consume.(R) If they know that each person has a different expression of immune system response, why do they continue to recommend a “one size fits all” approach with vaccines? This is criminal neglect at a minimum, and modern day Joseph Mengele”ism” at worst.

Mandatory vaccines for all is on the agenda

There is an agenda to make vaccinations mandatory for everybody, per the “Healthy People 2020” plan. (R) You can be sure that very coercive means will be employed by the government to compel all to comply with their dangerous vaccine dictates.

The health care cost to care for an autistic individual over their lifetime is estimated to be around $2 million, conservatively speaking. Now consider that current trends in autism suggest an increased rate of incidence to reach 1 in 2 individuals by 2025, according to MIT scientist, Dr. Stefanie Seneff (R). Who will care for these individuals? Who will care for us when we’re old? Think about it.

Ask yourself, could any jihadist with a foreign biological agent dropped from a broken vial in the middle of a city, as in a Hollywood production, cause this much destruction as we’re currently dealing with? Not likely. The enemies have embedded themselves within our own institutions, and it’s up to us to expose them and extract them from their places of power before it’s too late. This is our reality and the vaccine issue is really just scratching the surface of how deep this problem goes. I encourage all to become familiar with the recently peer reviewed epidemiology paper related to the global depopulation agenda that is accelerating by the day and come to terms with its implications and the necessity to act now to stop it. Your voice matters. Use it. Please spread the word!

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buckley-feb2013-0021About the author: Dr. Buckley is a 2002 graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic. He entered the health care field largely to understand and resolve his personal struggles with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia which began late in his teens. His ongoing study of functional medicine, nutrition, nutrigenomics, applied kinesiology, and energetic medicine has provided him with keen insight and understanding into the holistic dynamics of the body and how we lose and maintain our health. He has maintained a busy practice in Austin, Texas for the past 13 years and works with people of all ages interested in maximizing their health, and overcoming the modern scourge of all forms of chronic illness.

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