The debate is over: The MMR vaccine can cause Autism, and the CDC is engaged in a criminal conspiracy to cover up this fact.

For years, proponents of vaccines have claimed that there was no evidence showing a direct link between vaccines and autism, despite the mountain of evidence which contradicted their claims.(1)  The proponents of vaccines would cite studies published in the Journal of Pediatrics which appeared to refute any link between vaccines and autism, and even more vociferously deny any link between the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine, ultimately ruining the career of Dr. Andrew Wakefield over his findings of a link between autism and MMR in a very heavy media smear campaign.  Well, we now have proof that the chief authors of the 2004 study, including executives within the CDC, which alleged no link between the MMR vaccine and autism, conspired to cook the data, in order to deny the link.  How do we know that?  One of the authors, Dr. William Thompson, of the Journal of Pediatrics 2004 research paper which alleged no link between MMR and autism has come forward and made a confession to Dr. Brian Hooker, a confession which we now have a recording of.

Here is a video summarizing some of the key findings:

In summary, here’s what we know:

Executives at the CDC, Dr. Frank Stefano, in particular,  knowingly excluded data from a key research paper which apparently refuted a link between autism and the MMR vaccine.  Dr. William Thompson has made a public statement admitting that his phone conversations were recorded, and has not denied anything which Dr. Hooker has leaked to the public about his confession.(2)

The data, had it been included in the final paper, indicated a 300% increase in autism amongst African American children. (3)

The CDC has sat on the evidence of a link between autism and the MMR vaccine for at least 10 years, and has continued to recommend the MMR vaccine for all children, injuring thousands in the process in their criminal negligence.

Questions everybody should be asking:

If the CDC cooked the data on this study, how can they be trusted with any suggestion they make, or have made?  What other studies are bogus?

Given the hysteria over Ebola and the fast tracking of an unproven Ebola vaccine, how can anybody put any faith in them to put forward honest information about the reality of the infectious disease?(4)  Remember this when talks about mandatory vaccination comes, because I believe the talk is going to be heavy come 2015.

There are websites which are attempting to minimize the significance of this story, trying to say that the data doesn’t mean what  people such as myself say that it means, and to them, I ask:  If this was such a non-issue, why would Dr. Thompson give emotional phone calls to Dr. Hooker and basically admit his “sins” in covering up this fact?  If it was merely a matter of excluding data in a very explainable way, why the undeniable tone of guilt?   Why would you say, “I’ve stopped lying.”

The fact is, the Cochrane Review, which is an organization dedicated to analyzing studies, smelled a rat when the original study was published back in 2004.  You can read about that here.

Where is the mainstream media coverage of this?  What is their agenda in NOT doing their job in reporting this study?  (Hint: the pharmaceutical industry pays for more advertising space than any other industry.)  Do you think it’s not newsworthy that we have proof that the CDC has covered up the fact that there is a link between the MMR vaccine and autism?  Do you think it’s not newsworthy,  that an executive at the CDC conspired with other authors to cook the data in an attempt to deny the link between the MMR and autism?  How many people would not be dealing autism right now had the CDC published the true data of the study?   Why are we paying taxes to support such an institution of lies and misery?

Personally, I don’t believe the CDC is going to be able to survive the end result of this story.  Their credibility has been waning for some time, and this information has the potential to completely sink them.  I hope it does.  If you value your health, help sink them by spreading this story.  They’re not your friend, they never have been.

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