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*All testimonials are provided by clients voluntarily and are in no way, shape or form meant to imply the treatment or cure of any disease. Such testimonials are for informational purposes of what other clients have had as their experience in working with Dr. Buckley.  ai


Dr. Buckley is an incredibly talented healer and I wouldn’t be alive and well and able to function as I am today without his help. I originally came to Dr. Buckley’s office very sick and unable to do much of anything–my day-to-day functioning was often a struggle and it was difficult for me to work and stick to a schedule due to my constant illness. Dr. Buckley is the only doctor who was able to help me turn my health around. Today, I’m typically very healthy and able to enjoy normal activities and even work full time and I owe it all to him. Thank you Dr. Buckley, you’ve seriously changed my life in more ways than one–I’m incredibly grateful to you for everything you’ve done for me, my husband and our pets as well!



When I first saw Dr Buckley I was a wit’s end – I had fatigue for nearly four years with the last two years it getting worse and worse. I went from doctor to doctor, got so many tests, but still, I was told there was nothing wrong with me. Within two minutes of meeting with Dr Buckley and his reviewing my test and my symptoms, he could tell straight away that I was suffering from the ravages of poor diet and stress – I had leaky gut and adrenal fatigue. I finally had an answer, after so many years! It was like a curtain being lifted. He helped repair me through going on the Paleo Diet which I have adopted permanently, as well as supplements, habit changes (drinking filtered water, going all organic, cleansing my system of aluminum, etc). Within 4 weeks I was remarkably better and today I am the person I knew was hiding under that fatigue. I highly recommend anyone who needs to turn their health around and reclaim their lives to seek treatment by Dr Buckley – he will save your life as he did mine.



The highly measurable effectiveness of Dr. Buckley’s mind-body healing techniques coupled with his professional specializations will amaze you. His techniques have been my body’s greatest aid in recovering from highly toxic and intrusive conventional cancer treatments. With his guidance and support, I have not only lost 27 pounds but also gained a true sense of well-being. His incredible ability to detect the body’s physical ailments, nutritional deficits and emotional imbalances provide the insight necessary in achieving total health. He has more than exceeded all of my expectations.



Dear Dr. Buckley,

I have suffered with Lupus since I was 21 years old.  The only relief from all of the various doctors I received was a prescription for arthritis pain.  I have always been told that there is no cure.  My lupus was so bad at times, I could not get out of bed to take care of myself.

With the treatment you began in July of 2013, of specialized vitamins, oils, magnet therapy, and other stuff, I have not had another occurence of the disease or the symptoms.  After the first month my skin cleared up, and by the 2nd month I was pain free for the first time in as long as I can remember.

Fee free to have anyone call me for a reference!

Very Sincerely,

Maria Diosdado Covino | UTAH


I started having severe fatigue and pain in muscles and tendons and ulcers in my stomach about 22 years ago.  The doctor wanted to put me on antidepressants because it was in my head.  I refused and was circuitously recommended to another doctor who recommended I get the metal dental fillings replaced and go through a metal detox.  I did that and with the same doctor we tried other treatments since I wasn’t feeling better.  This started my 20 year long journey to medical doctors, osteopaths, herbalists, homeopathic, acupuncturist, naturopaths, chiropractors, etc.  I got a measure of relief, but none were significant or lasting.  I’ve spent thousands of dollars.  During this course of time, other health issues came up such as low thyroid, hormone challenges, consistent weight gain, inflammation, sleep disorder, etc.  On a chance conversation, Dr. Buckley was recommended.  I hesitated to make the appointment because I wasn’t ready for more disappointment.  Frankly, when I first went to Dr. Buckley I was skeptical that anyone could do anything and did not expect much.  What I found out is that Dr. Buckley has very effective and precise diagnostic skills.  He also knows the appropriate path forward.  He didn’t have me try various things to address one thing because he knows what is an effective treatment for me.  He diagnosed some things no one else noticed.   One of those things was an encephalitis related virus, and when he used magnets to help with it, I was skeptical.  I was shocked at how well I felt the next day and I’ve felt good ever since.  I am still amazed that the progress I saw in my first six weeks of working with Dr. Buckley has far exceeded what anyone else had been able to do over years.  For the first time in so many years, I feel like a regular person capable of doing what I am meant to do.  I also appreciate that Dr. Buckley gives you the tools to take care of your health.  I would highly recommend that you use Dr. Buckley before spending a lot of money and time on anyone else.  He has a unique special skill set that rivals anyone I’ve seen in the health care field.

L. Hoover | Austin


Just six months ago I supposed I would just fade out after over 15 years of exhaustion apparently caused by a long list of medical conditions diagnosed by an equally long list of practitioners. My medical challenges began at age 42, immediately after extensive dental work, including 2 badly done root canals and removal of 11 amalgam fillings. Some amalgam fillings were replaced with porcelain inlays and others had composite plastic fillings installed. After the two root canals, I was left flat on my back for 2 months and finally went to a conventional doctor of internal medicine for a diagnosis. When he suggested I take Prozac I knew I was in the wrong office.

I next went to an MD with some alternative treatment methods, who diagnosed me with osteoporosis and what he believed was a “mass” in my abdomen, which he wanted to have biopsied. I refused and switched practitioners to a highly touted osteopath who I convinced to test my hormones. He put me on HRT and gave me DMPS challenge indicating heavy metal poisoning. I underwent DMPS and Captomer treatments for removal of heavy metals while I still had nickel crowns in my head. I felt NO BETTER after these treatments. He also indicated I should go to a surgeon for a diagnosis of the “mass” in my abdomen. In a visit to my OBGYN I was told that the “mass” was a hernia in the making, a condition known as diastasis. Certainly NOT something to biopsy. She also told me I had a bulged cervical disk. I presumed this was ‘occupational’.

For the next few years I continued taking “bio-identical HRT” which my body could NOT metabolize – resulting in extreme estrogen dominance. It was at that point that I decided to see a naturopath who did Electro Dermal Screening to determine where my health challenges were: CAVITATIONS, heavy metal poisoning, candida, abcessed root canals, IBS, hormone imbalance, a plethora of viral and bacterial infections to name a few. Her priority was to send me first to a “biological dentist” who wanted to do a $15k dental revision in my mouth that included “cavitation surgery”. Again, I refused and the doctor that referred me to him indicated that she would not help me unless I had the oral surgery first.

Still in disbelief because I had already done a dental revision and the attendant conventional treatment for heavy metals, I went to yet another alternative doctor who did a Bradford Microscopy Blood analysis test confirming all the foregoing PLUS the presence of Lyme’s disease and mycoplasma. He suggested I would NEVER get well unless I did YEARS of Gestalt therapy, explaining that there was an emotional component involved in all my health imbalances. And, indeed, there was, but years of therapy wasn’t what I thought I needed to get physically well. I found a chiropractor who treated me with color therapy and the methods of Dr. Deitrick Klinghardt, renowned for his work with Hg poisoning. That helped me to some extent, but after almost a year of that and 40 plus supplements per day, my new alternative dentist, Dr. Margaret Rayne, convinced me to try one more practitioner, Dr. Mathew Buckley and his NMT, NES and Brain State conditioning. I had already spent thousands and thousands of dollars over the years…and followed protocol after protocol, seeing each new doctor for at least 6 months, but when Dr. Rayne congratulated me for refusing the cavitation surgery because many of those who had it done were sorely disappointed when the condition returned shortly after surgery. She hinted that Dr. Buckley may be able to NON-INVASIVELY rid my jaws of the gangrene forming in these cavitations, so I decided to give him a try…

Dr. Buckley had plenty of experience with patients suffering from cavitations, also referred to as NICO or gangrenous pockets in the jawbone. He advised me that I had FIVE or possibly SIX cavitations in my jaws. Four of them were where I once had wisdom teeth and another at the extraction site of the bad root canal, with a possible 6th in the root canal still in my mouth. Within 6 months of NMT, NES and one week of Brain State conditioning, I had no cavitations and was feeling much better. With continued treatment, Dr. Buckley was able to return my cervical disk to normal, eliminate my fatigue, and relieve any signs of anxiety or depression. I still don’t know exactly what Dr. Buckley does when I am on his table, BUT one thing I do know is- I feel GREAT. I have not had any neck pain in more than a month and was amazed to hear that it was an emotional block which he was able to clear using NMT.

IMHO, Dr. Buckley has been more than patient, understanding AND an absolutely brilliant healer. While I lay on his table I can feel the radiant heat emanating from his fingers and into my body without his even touching me. I would take any of my medical concerns to him before any other health practitioner. He has my deepest respect and gratitude, for my life, at age 58, is beginning anew. His healing has affected every aspect of my life. My confidence has returned, I can date again, my business has gone wild with new opportunities, my dreams have returned (which for an artist, is an imperative) and I am once again in love with living. Viva La Vida!
www.awaykinart.com Arielle@awaykinart.com


When I first came to Dr. Buckley I was having many problems with my health. With his expertise, and following his instructions, I have improved in every area. I no longer have acid reflux attacks at night, no more swollen ankles, and as for my breathing problems, I have no shortness of breath to contend with. There has been a maintained ten-pound weight loss because of his admonitions on many “junk foods” in my diet. I eat healthier and I feel healthier. Through him, I have had a second lease on life and I thank him so much for the care and concern he always shows me each visit. He is up to the challenge of helping his patients, both physically and mentally, by making it clear by explaining everything as he goes along.


Dear Dr. Buckley,
When I first met you, I was desperate for release from five years of unremitting eczema that I scratched till raw and brain-numbing exhaustion. The medication I was taking for hypothyroid gave me no boost in energy. With two children, ages 3 _ and 2, the nap that I continuously yearned for was not possible.

Among your many diagnoses of my situation were: Candida, weak adrenals, leaky gut, a record number of viruses, and quite a few food allergies. Happily, with your guidance, I discovered the foods I could and should not eat, the supplements and other products that my body craved, and those I should cease consuming. After several NMT treatments and an improved way of eating, my brain fog disappeared. The sensation was similar to getting a new eyeglass prescription – my whole body felt different, lighter, happier, clearer. I now feel much less fatigued and therefore so much more satisfied! My thyroid, adrenals, and gut are functioning normally. My Candida, viruses, food allergies, and eczema are gone. When I get sick, I recover much more quickly. An added bonus, I lost and have kept off 18 pounds of weight gained during pregnancy that I was unable to lose before. Thank you, Dr. Buckley, so much.


Dr. Buckley,
When we first walked into your office we held our 4 month old, coliky, rash covered baby out to you and asked you to help us find the reasons behind her health problems. We had been to pediatricians and other parents, but just got “quick-fix” strategies that never lasted long term.

At first, we were able to make quick (and difficult!) changes to our diet (she is a breast-fed baby, so I had to make a lot of changes myself) and to our lifestyle that helped right away. With each visit to your office, we made progress toward a happier, healthier baby. While under your care, Rebekah has turned into a beautiful, active toddler. She has beautiful,smooth skin and a happy, even disposition.

Our family came to your office for Rebekah’s health concerns, but it did not take you long to discover that her problems were steming from her relationship with me. I walked into your office overweight, anemic and with a poor complexion. During my time with you, I have greatly improved my eating habits and nutritional knowledge — I am thinner than I have ever been. I no longer have to take iron supplements that clog up my system. My skin is clearer and more even-toned. My husband has noticed a big change in my health and appearance, as well as our baby’s. You have opened up a new world to us.

You have helped us come to a greater understanding of our bodies and our health. I think we will constantly be questioning what society tells us is the “right” way to live heathfully and listening more to our bodies for balanced living. Thank you,


Dear Dr. Buckley,
I just wanted to thank you for your help in resolving a health problem I had been battling for over 19 months. Around November 2003, I developed a lump on my eyelid. I originally thought it was an ingrown eyelash or a stye and tried over the counter treatments and heat compresses. I kept hoping that it would go away and that it just needed time to disappear. I began to feel self conscious of it, as it fluctuated in size and just would not go away entirely. Around June 2004, I visited a dermatologist who classified it as a swollen gland. He recommended OCuSOFT eyelid scrubs and that if it did not go away in one month, he advised I should go to an ophthalmologist and have my eyelid flipped over and they could just cut it out, which horrified me. The eyelid scrubs did help, but the size continued to fluctuate, and it never went away. Over the next 6 months or so, it continued to shrink and then get even bigger and more noticeable.

For New Years 2005, I made a resolution to find alternative medical practices to figure out what this was and find a solution other than cutting it out of my eyelid.

I started acupuncture on December 31st 2004, and continued to have acupuncture every two weeks over the next 5 to 6 months. I strictly followed the herbal tea remedies prescribed. The acupuncture professional identified it as a swollen gland on my eyelid as a result of a clogged spleen and suggested healthier additions to my diet but was never able to pin point exactly what to avoid and what to add. The bump continued to remain, increasing and decreasing in size. I next went to an energy healing session. The bump was gone the very next day, but returned the following day after. I also tried home remedies and suggestions from an natural remedy herb store. The acupuncture and healing session were very helpful, but never completely got rid of the bump.

I first came to visit you on June 1, 2005. You were able to pin point exactly what was happening with my body and identify foods that I was having allergic reactions to and vitamins that I was lacking. I was able to know what to avoid and how to help myself heal. By the beginning of July the bump was almost unnoticeable, and by the middle of July it was completely gone!

I am forever grateful of your help and understanding with the problem. I will continue to recommend you to anyone I come across that needs help in finding the right path to heal any illness or health problem!! I sincerely thank you!

Dr. Matthew Buckley
  • Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D.