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Pet Care

When it comes to healing, the same concepts are applicable to pets as they are to humans.  That which interferes with the innate wisdom of the healing system is what needs to be addressed in resPMA usatoring health to both ill humans and pets.  Proper diet, nutrition, and structural integrity are all necessary to maintain health.  Interferences within the innate healing process are commonly found within the food and fluoridated tap water  given to pets which pollute their bodies setting them up for disease.  Grain based kibbles set the dogs up for blood sugar imbalances, in addition to gut flora imbalances.  Alterations within the gut ecology result in impaired immune function and increased toxic load. Increased toxic burdens make the terrain of the body more susceptible to infections, which tend to be involved in many seemingly mysterious health challenges in both pets and humans.

Affordable Pet Care in Austin

The application of biomagnetism, AK, CPK, and NMT can help identify and correct the imbalances resulting in health challenges that evade veterinary diagnostics and treatment.  While this approach is not a replacement for veterinary care, it can certainly augment the conventional veterinary approach.


Pet Testimonials:

**Injured leg, heart worms**

Dear Dr. Buckley,

It’s me Lucky, just wanting to thank you for helping me. When I came to see you I was walking on thPet Care Austinree legs and my mom had to pick me up to get me in the car. Two vets had seen me and gave me medicine that made me sick. They were recommending surgery that had a horrible recovery period. Instead my mom brought me to you. In two sessions you had me back to my old self. My mom said she saw the look of love in my eyes when you gave me my adjustment. Now you are the only person I see regarding medical issues. Mango wants to tell you thank you for curing him of heart worms. We are forever grateful to you- so is mom. Love, Lucky and Mango




**Injured knee and pelvis**

“Following the surgery my one year old Chihuahua had to correct a luxating patella, he refused to use the leg. I tried every trick I knew to coax him into utilizing the debilitated leg. After working with Dr. Buckley, however, my dog confidently and painlessly walked on all four legs again. I was very grateful for Dr. Buckley’s ability to rehabilitate my dog to his former self when nothing else worked.”  – Erin and Hendrix  





*This service is only available to members of the PMA. 



Dr. Matthew Buckley
  • Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D.